Hey there, this is Chloe and Elysa, and thank you for popping by on SkorBeauty!


SkorBeauty was the brainchild of our desire to be beautiful. We thought to ourselves if we only had one life (and we do), shouldn’t we try to kick ass on earth and be the best version of ourselves?  So if you are looking to do the same, then please do hang around for all the beauty secrets we have to share.

Why Us?

Natural beauty is timeless, and we wish to help you define your very own version of natural beauty with 3 key aspects.


No more filters required, no more hiding behind thick layers of make-up.
With newfound skincare knowledge and beauty secrets, you can focus on defining your own beauty without relying on that make-up mask no more.


Skin perfection requires time and effort given to both our inner and outer selves. We are extremely committed to providing the best form of care and attention to your overall well-being.


With skincare and beauty, no one size fits all. We focus on timeless and newly improved products that are formulated for all types of skin so that you can perfect and fully benefit from your own personalized beauty regime.

The Beauty Fanatics

Who We Are

The One That Has Too Many Skincare Steps


A major worrywart of aging, Chloe became excessively obsessed with skincare ever since she was introduced to the world of Korean beauty and flawless glass skin. She probably has enough masks to last for a year and she is always on the lookout for new beauty products to try. In her downtime, she enjoys slapping on a good wash off mask and watching Grey’s Anatomy in bed.

The One That Looks Forward To Cleansing Everyday


Elysa first discovered Korean beauty and skincare in high school and started trying out various brands, products and ranges since then. Elysa had various skin troubles ever since her teen years to adulthood and is always on the hunt for the right products. With her own experience in the benefits of Korean skincare, she believes in skin maintenance that is a well-worth investment and the way to go.

Don’t be shy

Don’t hold back, ask us anything at all. Beauty is all about being on a learning journey; the more you know of what the beauty industry has to offer, the easier it is to enjoy flawless skin. No hard sells, no secret sales tactics, all we have for you is our wealth of knowledge and our common goal of achieving natural beauty.

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