Best Valentine’s Make Up Ideas in 2019

Can you believe it’s almost February already? This means the day of the Cupid is right around the corner and will be here before you know it. If you are in a relationship, today is a perfect occasion to “ wow “ your sweetheart. If you are single, no problem! Have your make up on point and be ready to mingle. Here are some Best Make up looks that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Model of demonstration for this post is a well known German singer Mandy Capristo.

Lips Makeup

When you hear Valentine’s, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? – That’s right: full kissable lips. Therefore, don’t be afraid to give red lipstick a chance even if it’s not your go – to lip color. It’s a great way to draw attention to your lips and spice up your usual makeup look. It’s also important to choose the “ right red” Keep in mind that blood red works best for brunettes, while a shade that is closer to pink is perfect for blondes.

Eyes Makeup

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s without a little sparkle. That’s why we recommend to swap your usual mat eyeshadow palette and have a little fun with shimmers. Particularly for Valentine’s day a blush pink color would be perfect. This color will bring out your eyes, without it being “ too much”. For a more dramatic effect use the white pencil in the inner corner of your eye to add more depth.

To underline and bring out your eyes even more wing it out with an eyeliner.

Face Makeup

Light foundation and a little bit of highlighting is just enough. The foundation will even out your skin tone while the highlighter will give you that golden glow. You can add a touch of blush,  but don’t over do it. It’s best do focus on the lips and the eyes.


There is really no right or wrong when choosing your nail polish. For Valentine’s Day, however any warm  color would work: red, pink, orange take your pick.

We hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day whether your taken or single.  Be sure to follow our blog for more make up tips

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