Celebrity Makeup Transformation: Kim Kardashian, JLo & Taylor Swift

Hey Bella’s, If you are in the UK, well I hope you are enjoying this fantastic hot weather, and that you didn’t forget to put on sunscreen. P.S Always protect your skin!

I want to take you all back to 2016. So, I tried out Youtube,  Yep! I only did two videos though and never did anymore because of time, place and not having a powerful laptop to edit the videos. So in this post, I will be chatting about my first ever youtube video which was about “Celebrity makeup transformation on Kim, JLo and Taylor Swift”.

Since this video was my very first, I didn’t have a single clue on what I was doing; I didn’t have the perfect lighting, angle, setting, and plan. So, please excuse the quality haha.

This makeup video wasn’t a transformation to look exactly like the three celebrities though but more to show you all on the makeup techniques of the similar makeup they wear. But anyway like I said it was my first youtube video, and yes, I was super scared and shy as you will see there’s no talking haha

Kim Kardashian Makeup Transformation

Kim Kardashian Makeup is known for her great contour and concealer look.  On the video, I show the parts where to contour and conceal. I first apply foundation, covering my entire face and my neck. I take my contour powder by sleek makeup and contour my cheekbones, side of my forehead and jawline. Make sure the Makeup is thoroughly blended. Next, I take my concealer and apply middle of my forehead, the bridge of my nose, under my eyes, my cheeks, chin and the inner corners of my nose. I blend all this thoroughly.

JLo Makeup Transformation

Jlo’s Makeup is a lot about that golden bronze glow on the cheeks. To get JLo’s makeup look, I took a bronze contour powder and to achieve that glow I used a stroke cream and a shimmer highlighter powder by urban decay.

Taylor Swift Makeup Transformation

Taylor Swift Makeup was about that classic look with red lips, nothing to difficult to do, You just needed red lips and a winged eyeliner.

Products used

♥ Mac Cosmetics

♥ Sigma Brushes

♥ Urban Decay

♥ Sleek Makeup

♥ Bare Minerals

Check out my first youtube video, even though it needs so much improvement but I’m pleased how it turned out in the end esp. the fact that it has about 12k views, I can at least say I’ve given a go, and this is definitely something I will pay more attention to in the nearer future.

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