Here’s How Anyone Can Rock A Black Lip Without Being a Goth


Black lipstick doesn’t have to always be associated with the Goths or witchy teenagers. It is admittedly a very daunting color to sport, and we know that many people feel like it’s too bold of a lip to wear. Plus, people with lighter complexions tend to feel that black is too dark for their skin tone. But, we’re here to change your mind.

In an era where makeup is a powerful tool for expression, it’s basically a free-for-all. You can freestyle how you like and no one would really bat an eye. In fact, in the past, black lipstick was a symbol of social status in some cultures. Additionally, during the cinematic age of black and white film, actresses would don black lipstick so that it looked more prominent on film.

Fast forward to today’s world, where expressing yourself through makeup has become more accepted. Like we mentioned before, black lipstick may have been closely associated with darker and more gothic looks in the past decades, but it is definitely a versatile tool in anyone’s makeup stash now.

Still not convinced? In this article, we’ve consulted with professionals to help us put together a comprehensive guide to incorporating black lipstick into our everyday looks. Hopefully, you can find one that will inspire you for your next makeup look. Keep on reading for some valuable tips too!

Just a Teeny Tiny Bit

If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone but still sport a ‘safe’ look, you can try using just a little bit of it to a regular lip. You can either use it as a liner around your lips or just your bottom lip, blend it inwards but keep the pigment concentrated on the lip lines. After that, add a lipstick shade of your choice! Dark berry shades or a red lip works here. And there you go, you’ve just created a reverse ombré lip. This is just another take on using a darker shade of lip liner with neutral lipstick to create a two-toned look. This also helps to accentuate the shape of your lip, making it look more fuller. You can draw on eyebrows while you rock this look so it would not draw too much attention to your newly-sported black lips! But we’re sure you’d be comfy with it soon enough.

Line Your Lips Instead

Speaking of lip liner, going in with just a black lip liner is a more subtle trick. With a liner, it’s more precise, so you’re working with very little product. Plus, just wearing lip liner was a huge trend in the ‘90s that is making a comeback, so you won’t be making any fashion boo-boos here. Try not to overline your lips, because since you’re not filling them in, it might give the secret away. Just line it right outside your natural lip shape. To prevent your lip liner from fading throughout the day, just pat on some translucent powder to set it in.

When In Doubt, Go Metallic

Another way to glam up a black lip is to try one that has a metallic sheen to it. Metallic lipsticks are already taking over the world, so why not mix the two? If you have a metallic lip gloss set, you can just layer that on top of your black lip to create your own metallic lip. This works well if you’re going for a simple look with a statement lip. Use a primer makeup as well so you’d look edgy and flawless.

Create A Distraction

While many people may worry that black lipstick would steal all the attention, you can definitely create another focal point with your makeup. We find that single-toned eyeshadow works, especially if you’re using a vibrant color like blue or orange, or magenta. This helps soften the black lipstick and even out your entire look, but still draws more attention to your eyeshadow too. It’s a fun and playful look that you should definitely have a hand at. Keep your brows on fleek as well with your best eyebrow kit.

Alternatively, working with muted or neutral colors for your eyeshadow can pair well with your black lipstick too. If you have a lighter complexion, you can balance out the cool tone of the black lipstick with a warm palette on the eyes. This just helps if you don’t want to emphasize your skin and make it look too pale. If you have a deeper complexion, you have a wider range of palettes to work around, so just have fun with it.

Is Your Lip Gloss Poppin’?

Glossy lips are the new thing! If you don’t want a metallic lip, gloss is the next best solution. It makes the entire look seem less muted and bolder. Plus, the gloss has such a dewy quality that it makes your pout look fuller and hydrated — even if it’s on black lipstick. All you have to do is apply your black lipstick, let it sit, and then apply an even layer of gloss. You can also layer on the gloss on a two-toned look to make it pop too. Try this if you’re going for an aesthetic korean makeup look.

Go Classic

If you like to keep your makeup simple, pairing your black lipstick with a simple eyeliner look will do just the job. Take the classic glam look with a liner, blush, and use black lipstick instead of a red one. Finish off the look with a blinding highlighter and a sharp contour, and you’re good to go.

If you’d like to diversify, you could even put on a graphic liner! For an edgier vibe, creating geometric lines can really complete the look. There are endless possibilities to play around with, so don’t hesitate to try some out.

Go Back to (Not Entirely) Black

You could also try a really dark shade of plum, maroon, or brown to start with. That way you don’t entirely have to commit to a very “unnatural” color like black, but still, achieve the boldness it brings. Using any of our tips above with these dark shades would work just the same too, so don’t worry about it.


Hopefully, you’re convinced by now that black isn’t such an intimidating color to work with. Like every bold lipstick choice, it’s still fun to play around with and you can definitely create a lot of looks with it. Remember, there aren’t many rules to how you should look with makeup, so don’t be too caught up with making mistakes, or whether your makeup looks “wrong”. As long as you like it, that’s all that matters.

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