Makeup & Hair – Jungle Photoshoot

Hey, Bella’s, so not only I am a nail artist, but I do makeup and hair as well. I took part in this fantastic Jungle photoshoot with two photographers called RR Photographic.  I usually do makeup and hair for some of their models. So they always have exciting photoshoots which I love to get involved. So for this project, they came up with this jungle idea and using these red gel lights in the background. And Wow! The result is breathtaking.

So, let’s get onto the makeup and hair, and I will explain a bit of what I did, I am not going to get too in-depth though.

Hair Curls

The first thing I do on any model is her hair because if I need to curl up her hair, I can roll up in heat curls and let it sit for an hour while I do the models makeup. So, her hair was already all in curls and messy, so I just curled a bit more and tidied some bits here and there with my hair straighter.


I went for a smokey eyeshadow look, making her eyes quite dark and included a wing eyeliner giving her eyes more definition. I then moved on to her contour; I watched a youtube video from gloss makeup artist, where he shows a different technique on how to apply contour and highlighter. You know the standard way where you first apply foundation and after highlight and contour? Well, he showed the other way around, he contoured and highlighted first and after he used the foundation. So, I tried it and damn! Look at her gorgeous cheekbones.  The key is when it comes to the foundation part, pat in the product so your contour and highlighter won’t move around.

I moved to her eyebrows by filling them in and used tweezers if I have to reshape them, finished off under her eyes, by adding a bit of brown and black eyeshadow, and finished off with adding eyelash extensions.

With her lips, I chose a more natural colour, like beige as I wanted the makeup to be more focused on her eyes rather than her lips, I finished off by adding power contour and highlighter to lock the product from moving.  Lastly, I set her makeup with setting spray by Mac cosmetics.

Outfit for the shoot

Ruth chose this leopard swimming costume which she bought at her favourite clothing store.  The store was so convenient for her as its just around the corner from where she lives. The reason why she chose this specific outfit is that it symbolised that she is in a jungle.

Thanks, Bella’s, for popping in, I know I didn’t go into too much depth on the makeup, but that’s because I didn’t prepare this for a blog post. I think in nearer future I will go more into depth and include a step by step on the makeup looks I create. I’m still new to all this blogging, but with time I will get better. See you at the next one.

Oh, if you want to see the photographer’s other amazing work check them out on Instagram. RR Photographic –

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