The ordinary skincare review – Liz Earle, Kiehls and Bare mineral

To all those beauties out there, what do we women do best? We fix each other’s crowns to make us feel good about ourselves.

So I’m a massive beauty addict (a makeup artist by trade based in Berkshire/ London) and here’s my blog on my favourite ordinary skincare products review I just can’t live without.

Before I launch into what I like, I want to give you a bit of background about the difficulties I have faced and how, through regular attention to my skin, my confidence grew.

When I was a teenager I had acne…acne…acne; as a teenager, this was the worst possible thing ever. At the time I had no confidence as you feel as if everyone’s looking at your skin, judging you, which makes you think so self-conscience. When you’re a teenager with this sort of problem, you just want to cover up you and are lost as you don’t really understand the knowledge of a skincare routine. To speed up the process of clearing out my make my spots clear quicker I used to have a bad habit of picking them, which I would not recommend to anyone as your not only building bacteria on the skin but are highly likely to be left with scarring on the skin.

In my late teenage years and early ’20s, I started experimenting with cleansers, toners and spot treatments; this is where my skincare journey started, and today I have a skincare regime that I do every day. When you’re a teenager starting out with skincare, we tend to go for the cheapest option which at the time we think will be our saviour. But it’s not.

I found that cheap skincare my skin would only look good for a week, and then It would be back at square one; if not worse off.

After experimenting for a while, I have got a perfect skincare routine that I feel works for my skin using all naturally derived products. I’m a massive fan of double cleansing, for me, I believe it thoroughly cleanses the skin preparing the surface for the rest of skincare regime to work. As sometimes we might cleanse our skin once and think our face is clean, but there always can be traces of makeup left on the skin that will slowly start to clog the pores and slow down the process of our skincare working.

1. Liz Earle Hot polish cleanser

My first skincare product is the Liz Earle Hot polish cleanser, a beautiful creamy cleanser that removes all traces of makeup while gently exfoliating the skin which leaves the skin glowing and hydrated.

2. Bare Minerals clay chameleon

The second cleanser I use is Bare MineAfter cleansing it is essential to use a good serum that penetrates into the skin. As such, I recommend Bare Minerals skin longevity serum. This lightweight textured serum works on the surface to hydrate and brightens the clarity of skin.

3. Kiehl’s midnight recovery serum

The last product I like to finish off my skincare regime off with is Kiehl’s midnight recovery serum. This facial oil helps to even out skin tone, brighten and fade acne scarring and prevents further breakouts.

This is my skincare I use every day to give me the skin I want and allows my makeup application to be flawless.

If I could offer one piece of advice to you all is to invest in some good skincare and ditch the facial wipes as this will not only make your skin feel good, but the rest of you will feel good too, I don’t mean that only girls need to take care of their skin,  men should also invest in some kind of body lotion to keep their skin fresh and moisturised

Lots of love my beauties x

Preeti Mema

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