Wedding Makeup Artist – 7 tips In finding the right one.

Why is it so important to hire a Wedding Makeup Artist for your big day?

1. Stress-free on your wedding day

As a bride, you going to be busy, ensuring everything is okay with the wedding event and there will be unexpected challenges. the last thing you need to worry about is your eyelashes being stuck in the wrong way or your contour not being blended well enough.

Hiring a Makeup Artist is to ensure you that those things won’t happen.
It’s a Makeup Artist’s job to make sure you sit back, relax and enjoy being pampered on your big day.

It’s also important to Book a Wedding trial run, as this will give you some time to get to know the makeup artist, where you get ready and it will help the makeup artist knowing what look you desire, what skin colour you are, what colour is your dress and the theme of your wedding.

2. Colour Selection

A Makeup Artist has the proper study when it comes to colour selection, they live it and breathe it like a singer.

You wouldn’t want to be shown on your wedding photos that your foundation colour is 2 shades darker or lighter than your neck or maybe looking like a zombie because your eyeshadow ended up smudged?

There are tons and tons of eyeshadow and lipstick colours, different shades of foundation and concealers in the market which will just confuse you. So, this is when it’s so helpful to have a Makeup Artist, as its her/his job to know straight away what is the best colours that will suit your skin colour, and eye shape, for a natural soft look.

3. High-Quality Products

Makeup Artist’s research on finding the best makeup products to use on their clients, the products that last all day, and are designed for wearability and flexibility that you do not own or can’t afford to buy it yourself.

As a Makeup Artist, My kit is designed for photos, my brides will always want to look amazing when they have their photos taken with a high definition camera.
Hiring a Makeup Artist will give you the access to getting the best products and applied professionally.

4. Proper Makeup Application

An experienced makeup artist practices makeup every single day on different face shapes, eye shapes and lip shapes. They’ve been taught proper application techniques when applying makeup.
Hiring a Makeup Artist for your wedding will allow you to look flawless and natural at the same time.

5. Makeup Tricks to help you look your best

As a professional Makeup Artist, we want our brides to show their best facials features while disguising other, (the ones that are less flattering) by covering it with makeup.
If you want your eyes to pop up, a makeup artist can use special techniques without applying too much product without making it to caking or heavy.

6. Be Camera Ready

A professional makeup artist will sculpt your face by using contouring techniques to add an illusion of depth in 2 dimensional photographs and in real life.
If your makeup has been applied incorrectly, you will look flat in your photos because when your photo has been taken you instantly turn into 2 dimensional image instead of a 3 dimensional being.
A makeup artist can also prevent you appearing an unusual colour or being to shiny.

7. Long lasting wear

Makeup Artist use quality products that will last you all day.
You won’t need to worry about your makeup drifting away as a professional makeup artist will use products such as primers, powers and setting sprays.

Make sure when choosing a Makeup artist for your big day, choose the ones that match your style and remember to book a trial run.

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