How to: Chrome Powder Nails ft Nails company UK

Sup Bellas, this post is a step by step on how to use MIRROR CHROME NAILS POWDER by Nails Company UK. I’ll be taking you through a short tour through how the chrome nails trend started, followed by an easy-to-follow guide for how you can apply chrome powder at home.

First things first. If you don’t know what chrome nails are, here’s a quick explanation. They’re basically a super chic, almost steampunk-ish look you can have by applying a super reflective chrome powder on top of a normal base to your nails. Because of the way the chrome reflects light, you’ll literally have dazzling nails. You can choose any colour you want, from the classic silver to rose gold to ebony black. The effect is smoother than if you use glitter and it’s even shinier than using metallic nail polish.

Where The Chrome Nail Trend All Started

Why are chrome nails trending right now? Well, it all started with Gigi Hadid’s iconic red carpet walk at the Met Gala. The model’s $2,000 manicure was one of the highlights of the night, and everyone was buzzing about her ultra-luxe silver chrome nails afterwards. It was a subtle but classy fashion choice that has inspired loads of spin-offs and tutorial guides for anyone who wants to rock the chrome look. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Chrome nails are elegant and beautiful, and it’ll make you feel like a red carpet celebrity. And you can get the look without blowing $2,000 on a mani. If you want, you can take to all the usual social media sites like Instagram or even Pinterest for more looks and ideas.

How to: Chrome Nails Powder

Alright, let’s get to the main show! I’m sure you’ve all been waiting to learn how you can apply chrome powder yourself. So, using chrome powder is a bit different from using your regular nail polishes, but it’s not hard to learn how to do it. The overall chrome effect will depend on what base colour you use. For example, if you want a stronger chrome effect, use darker colours. And you can adjust the level of shine depending on how you apply the chrome powder. Before you start, though, if you’re troubled with yellow nails, hold off and check with a doctor first. After all, a healthy nail is a pretty nail! That said, let’s start with the basic tools you’ll need.

What you will need:

    • Base Coat
    • Chrome Powder
    • Topcoat
    • LED Lamp
    • Eyeshadow Brush
    • Cuticle oil
    • File/Buffer

    As you can see, the materials you will need are all the usual ones, nothing fancy involved. Except for the chrome powder, of course! If you’re new to all this equipment you might want to head to the nearest nail salon and get a professional to help you instead.

Step 1: Buff the shine off

So, as you know gel polish hates oily or shiny surfaces, so make sure you remove it by buffing off the surface of the nails, repeat this step in all 10 nails. In case this is your first time, read up on “what are gel nails” before you continue on.

Step 2: Apply Gel polish No wipe top coat

After you have buffed all 10 nails, cleanse the nails with alcohol till you see this chalky surface. Apply 1 coat no wipe gel polish top coat,(remember NO WIPE) and cure it under a LED Lamp for 60secs. Make sure you tidied up around your cuticle area and side walls before placing your nails under the lamp, otherwise it will show the mess after you applied the chrome.

Step 3: Apply Chrome Powder

Apply chrome powder using an eyeshadow makeup brush, or your finger, whichever you prefer on all 10 fingers. (Have to warn you the powder does get everywhere. Maybe clear your makeup table first!) Make sure you get around all the side walls, cuticle area, and free edge. The last thing you want is some empty patches on your nails.

If you want some specific looks you can switch up the kind of chrome powder you’re using. For example, you can get a holo flakes finish by using galaxy chrome powder, or a holographic look with some unicorn chrome powder. The skies are the limit for chrome nails – experiment with different designs and colours!

Step 4: Apply Gel polish No wipe top coat

Apply No wipe top coat to seal the chrome powder, make sure you cap the free edge and place it under the LED lamp for 60secs. Finish off with cuticle oil. And then you’re done! In just 4 easy peasy steps. Use these tips for your 4th of july nail ideas.

My thoughts about the Chrome powder from Nails Company UK Pros

  • Using just a little bit of chrome powder went a long way. You don’t need to dump the whole thing onto your nails to get a nice silvery effect.

  • I didn’t need to apply a black gel polish to get the silver mirror effect.

  • It’s super easy to apply. You can do it in just four steps! 

  • The shiny, shimmery effect was exactly what I wanted.

Alternatives To Chrome Powder

Aside from chrome powder, you can also use chrome gel to get that sleek metallic look. Chrome gel also lasts longer than the powder version, but it is more expensive and you will have to dry your nails using a UV lamp. Apply some suncream on your hands before you head to the nail salon! Chrome gel can last for up to a month and just like chrome powder, you have to apply a base coat before you put on the chrome gel and a no wipe top coat after. It’s better that you use a nail technician’s services for the gel version due to the steps involved. Plus, the nail technician will know exactly what to do in order to avoid damage to your nails. They can also give you some ideas if you want to add nail extensions or other designs on top of your chrome nails. 

Thanks for reading Bellas, if you liked this post, please show some support by sharing and liking. Play with different base colours and chrome powders, a bit of experimenting is needed if you want to get the exact look you want! Chrome powders can come in all hues and shades, so you can use the usual colours associated with metallics like gold and silver, or mix it up with some unusual colours like green or pink.

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