Easy, Natural Ways to Care for Your Nails


For many people, nail care equals manicures. It is often one of the overlooked areas of our body that we do not pay attention to. Nail Care has the stereotype of being an unnecessary procedure that signals overt vanity and a waste of money.

However, nail care isn’t just about getting gel manicures, sporting the new chrome nail gel trend, using cuticle oil, and enjoying luxurious hand massages. Nail care is a very basic practice of keeping our nails clean and neat. Of course, there are varying degrees to which people practice nail care, with some enjoying a complex routine to ensure their nails look beautiful and are well-manicured, while others just want their fingertips to look clean and hygienic.

Whatever the case it may be with you, taking care of your nails is certainly something you should think about. Your nails are one of the first few things people notice about you, especially since our hands are at the focal point of our daily activities. Imagine you were about to shake someone’s hand, and you notice their nails are dirty and unkempt. What kind of impression does that leave you? Certainly, it would be a poorer impression than someone who has well-kept nails! Well-kept and clean nails suggest that you pay attention to details and that you are well-groomed. It shows that you have basic hygiene and keep yourself clean. So nail care isn’t a matter of vanity, after all, it’s about personal hygiene!

But how can we care for our nails? Don’t we need these nail kits with fancy tools to do all that? But going to a nail technician frequently is pretty costly and time-consuming. Are there other ways we can get healthy nails at home? Of course! In this article, we will take you through the best ways to get healthy and strong nails at home.

Make sure your fingernails are always clean and dry

Just like the rest of our body, our nails can also get infected with germs and bacteria. Making sure that there is nowhere that they can breed is crucial to keep the infection away. Cleaning your nails regularly and drying them after washing your hands is one way to do this. Cleaning your nails will remove and keep the bacteria and dirt from building up underneath your nails. Furthermore, if you’re walking down the aisle soon, wedding nail designs look a lot better on clear fingernails! However, you should also avoid soaking your nails in water for too long as this can result in the nails splitting. When doing the dishes, protect your nails by wearing a pair of gloves. This will prevent the harsh chemicals from the dish soap and dirt from the used dishes from getting under your nails. One way to keep them clean is to get an old toothbrush and put some salt on it. Use it to very gently scrub the nails and skin around it.


Don’t ever bite your fingernails

Biting our nails is one of those really bad habits that cause tons of damage to the nails. It also results in the transfer of dirt and germs from your nails into your mouth. When our nails get into contact with saliva, it causes the nails to become very weak and brittle. Furthermore, the look of bitten nails is very ugly and does not leave a good impression on people. Plus, imagine how gnarly your valentine’s day nails would look like with all those bite marks! You can get bitter-tasting nail paints to apply on your nails which can help stop you from biting your nails.

Don’t skip on the cuticle care

Our cuticles are essential to ensuring that our nails are protected against germs and bacteria. They are also very delicate and can be easily ruptured. Hence, being careful and gentle with your cuticles is very important. Although it is a common practice in nail salons, avoid pushing your cuticles back at home or trimming them. This very delicate piece of skin is important and being too rough with it can cause breakage and bleeding. If you have a hangnail, use an oil-soaked cotton bud to very, very carefully and gently push the cuticle back just enough so that you can gently trim off the hanging nail. Also, moisturizing your cuticles will be an excellent way to keep them healthy. Apply coconut oil or olive oil around your cuticles to moisturize and nourish them. That way, even if you’re still weighing options between acrylic vs gel nails, you’re sure it will look awesome either way because your nails look glam.

Trim your nails regularly

We get our hair trimmed every few months to ensure it is healthy and to remove dead, split ends. Similarly, trimming our nails is good for them and can help to prevent breakage or brittleness. Keeping your nails too long can also result in inconvenience with picking up things or typing on your phone or laptop. Long nails also have more area for bacteria and dirt to accumulate under. The best way to keep your nails healthy is to trim them frequently. Every two weeks is a good estimate for the frequency of your nail trims.

Don’t ever scrape off your nail polish

Scraping off your nail polish, whether it be a regular one or a chrome gel polish, is a really bad habit that is so damaging to our nails. Whenever we scrap or peel off nail polish, it stips away the topmost layer of our nails. This results in our nails having rough, dry patches that don’t look at all nice. If you are someone who doesn’t like the look of chipped nails, you should apply at least two layers of nail polish rather than one thick layer to prevent this chipping. And if you want to remove your polish on the go, get a packet of nail polish remover wipes instead of peeling the polish off.

File your nails in a single direction instead of two ways

Filing your nails the right way is important as filing them improperly can cause breakage and damage to the nails. The best way to file them is slowly, gently, and in one direction to avoid them becoming too weak and brittle. Filing in two directions will actually achieve the opposite effect of making the nails rough instead of a smooth tip. Aggressively filing them back and forth will blunt the nails and leave no room for any shaping. To file your nails properly, begin from one corner filing in a single direction, and lifting the nail file off each time you do so. Repeat this process to the center of the nail, then to the other side of the nail. File slowly and gently. This will ensure your nails look smooth and are not rough.


Taking care of our nails is really simple, and having well-maintained nails can say a lot about you as a person! So take the time to be more careful with filing, polish, and using your hands to ensure your nails are clean and healthy.

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