Swatches – Bluesky Gel Polish Pastel Neon Collection

Hey Bellas, it’s summer over here in the UK and oh my gosh this weather is insane, it’s 28 degrees outside!! Yep! It gets that hot over here sometimes. So, since I’m going to take advantage of wearing my cute flip flops, my toenails need to be pretty. But I’m not sure what colour to have on. I was going through my gel polish nails, and I have this summer pastel neon collection by Bluesky, and I thought I could do a swatch of all the colours for you all along the way while I decide what colour to pick.

So, for those that hadn’t heard about this brand before or haven’t tried it, let me explain a bit of what it is. So this Bluesky gel polish falls more on the shellac brand, as its 1 part gel and 1 part nail polish. So the consistency is thinner. Check this article if you want to know how to use their product. So for this neon pastel collection, the description on their website states that because of how light the colours are you have to apply 3-4 coats of gel polish to get the full coverage. 3-4 coats? Anyway, let’s see how the swatches go and stay till the end to read my thoughts on this gel polish collection and what colour I picked.

1.Pastel Neon Collection – Pink PN01

This colour is such a beautiful pink, I would wear this all right the year, even in winter. If you haven’t already guessed pink is my favourite colour. And it works well with your healthy fingernails.

2. Pastel Neon Collection Gel Polish = Yellow PN02

Yellow, even though yellow is the colour of the sun, it doesn’t seem to be many peoples favourite chose to have as their gelish nail polish, but I think its a pretty shade, esp for one that has like olive, dark skin, as it would make the yellow pop out.

3.Pastel Neon Collection Gel Polish = Blue PN03

Blue, I found this gel pigmented as it only needed two coats. This colour is perfect for the summer, beach, summer holiday etc. If you get tired with it, just swap it out with long nails acrylics.

4. Pastel Neon Collection Gel Polish = Purple PN04

This purple was another colour that only needed two coats; I like this colour, I’m not much of a purple person though, but surely some clients would adore this shade. There are plenty more colors from BlueSky, but this deserves a shoutout.

5.Pastel Neon Collection Gel Polish = Green PN05

This green is another colour people tend not really to pick, but its still a pretty shade, This would be perfect for creating leaves.

6. Pastel Neon Collection Gel Polish = Peachy PN06

Last but not least, this beautiful peachy colour, if you not a fan of pink, and you have a wedding to go to and you need something cute and natural, think this colour would be a choice.

So, when applying these colours, I found they were quite easy, if I were to compare to the more thick gels like gel II and gelish, None of these colours needed four coats, the blue and purple only needed two layers to get the full coverage while the other colours just required 3 coats. What I liked that It didn’t shrink and you sometimes know with gel, you get those moments when your gel has not cured thoroughly as soon as your client takes her hand out of the lamp and the gel polish creased? I learnt that this means you applied a lot of product so it can’t cure right through, but since Bluesky gel polish is thinner this doesn’t happen.

I like this Pastel Neon collection by Bluesky; it has such beautiful colours but the fact it needs three coats to get the full coverage put me off a bit as clients want a fast service esp if you are working at a salon.

So, the colour I picked for my toes was the PN06, Peachy, isn’t it pretty??

Check back with us again some other time when we have fun with some funny nail memes! Ciao!

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