5 Best Nail Art Designs to create this fourth of July.


Happy 4th of July America!! Though I live in the UK and the majority of my viewers are from America which is quite weird but cool.

So before doing this post, I wanted to do a how-to nail art design for this specific occasion, but it just didn’t go very well. It was a complete mess in the end with glitter going all over the place. I seem to have lost a bit of my mojo in creating nails lately, and I hope this is a tempory phrase. So since my nail art failed I thought I could do a post on the best five nail art designs to create this fourth of July.

1. Blue & Red Acrylic Glitter

I love how the white in the middle blends with the blue and the red. Fantastic design, and adding some glitter, makes it sparkle so beautifully.

2. American Airplane Nails

Ninja Nail Fairy always creates terrific nail art designs, and I’m always on a lookout on her new posts. This 4th July nail set reminds me of the airplanes. I think because of all the stars and light, kind of like when the sun reflects on a window. Its a cool filter I must say.

3. American Denim Jacket

This 4th July nail set looks impressive with the denim jacket on the background. It’s simple, short and super cute.

4. Cute Manicure and Pedicure Matching Designs

Oh! Look at these cute manicure and pedicure matching nail designs. love it !!

5. Polka Dots Fourth July

I thought this nail design is different from everyone else’s. Im so loving the polka dots.

Thanks, Bella’s for having a scroll on these fantastic nail designs and hope you all have a great 4th July!

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