Pink Gellac Reviews: Starter Kit

Hey, Bellas, do you know that feeling when Christmas is nearby, and you can’t wait to open all your presents? Well, Christmas came early for me. I received a free gel polish starter kit in the mail from a brand called Pink Gellac. If you’re a nail blogger and on a tight budget like me, you would know that drilling feeling of opening a big box with free nail products to try out.

So who is Pink Gellac?

You may not know who Pink Gellac is: neither did I, before this review. Honestly, it reminds me of Gellux, and their packaging even looks similar. Before playing around with their products, I did some digging online. I noticed that they are trendy in some parts of Europe like the Netherlands, Spain, and a few other countries. They just launched their products in the UK which is maybe why it’s new to me.

Pink Gellac products are for anyone who wants to skip the salon and paint their nails at home.  Yes, you don’t need to be a professional nail artist to purchase these products. But I think you need to have some basic knowledge on how their nail products work to prevent damaging your nails and make your manicure gel polish last longer.

If you purchase these products, please be thorough when reading the instructions manual that comes with the starter kit. Ideally, if you visit their website, you’ll have access to their free online courses on how to use their products.

(Before diving into the reviewing part, I want to say, I’m entirely honest when it comes to reviewing any nail product and these are my honest opinions.)

What’s in the Pink Gellac starter kit?

  • UV/LED Lamp
  • 4 Gel Polish Colors
  • Basecoat
  • Top Coat
  • Primer
  • File
  • Orange stick
  • Gel Removal pads

Pink Gellac Reviews & Swatches

Let’s start with the Gel Polish swatches; I also received their little LED/UV lamp which comes in handy for travelling.

Gel Polish: Pink Gellac 182 Lipstick Red

This has a bright, warm red shade to it, it’s perfect for Valentines, going on a date, or if you’re feeling a bit sassy, ha-ha. When it came to the application part, the first layer had full coverage, and it was surprisingly pigmented. Unlike the Bluesky’s pastel collection colors. It’s mysterious that the gel wasn’t too thick or too thin (watery).

Interesting enough, it was simple to apply, I didn’t need to move too much of the product with the brush to cover the entire nail plate, and guess what!? No freakin’ SHRINKING!!! You can pair it with chrome nail polish, but it is already great on its own!

Gel Polish: Pink Gellac 166 Vintage Nude

This is my favourite shade out of the four gel polish colours. I dig natural light colours; I guess it just matches with my skin complexion, plus my wardrobe doesn’t have a variety of different colours.  You can never go wrong with nude shades anyway; it goes with any style, outfits and any occasion, win-win, right!? It is a beautiful colour; it has a bit of pink in it but still has the nude side. And it works well with the proper nail care – after all, the benefits of getting your nails done is boundless.

Undeniably, this shade is lighter than the other colours. The first coat wasn’t so pigmented which is expected, but after applying the 2nd coat, wow! It gave it full coverage. I find light shades a bit tricky to work with since you have to be cautious of how much product you apply on the nails as there will be parts with bare patches. I guess that’s why for each coat you apply thinly, make sure it’s not uneven. I was okay with using this colour, it just needed two coats of colour, and again, this colour did not shrink after curing it under the lamp.

Gel Polish: Pink Gellac 182 Dynamic Pink

Its dynamic alright ha-ha, this colour reminds me of sweet candy like m&m’s, Yum! This shade is very bright, one coat of this colour = full coverage. It applied like a dream. You can create classy wedding nails with this!

Gel Polish: Pink Gellac 120 Beautiful Black

This beautiful black didn’t have the same coverage as the other colours. I applied the first coat, and I could see through my nail plate like it was transparent but after the 2nd coat, it had that full coverage. If you have ridges in nails, hold off for now and have it checked. Health before beauty!

Pink Gellac UV/LED Lamp Reviews

Moving to their UV/LED Lamp, it’s tiny and perfect for travelling but there are a few things I disliked about it, and this is just me being straight. Only 4 of my fingers could fit in the lamp, so I had to cure my thumb last. Yes, it’s cute, tiny, and light and it does its job, but I would have preferred the lamp to be a bit wider so that I could fit all 5 of my fingers and cure all my nails at once.

Additionally, there’s no timer on it which is a bit frustrating. I had to use my phone as a timer, but what I found out was when you hear a beeping sound it means 30 secs have passed, and once the light switches off, it means 60 secs. I think it would have been useful if it came with a timer on it.

Two things really annoyed me; the first thing was the loud, weird beeping sound. It gave me a bit of a scare a few times, and it sounded like those life machines they have in the hospital. The 2nd thing was the fact that I couldn’t stop the lamplight without switching it off completely.

I really like their gel polish which is exactly just like they described it on their website. If I were to compare Pink Gellac with gel II, I would definitely choose Pink Gellac. Gel II is tricky to work with, in my experience. The UV/LED lamp, it’s a thumbs down for me. If it were up to me, I would have a timer installed, and make it a bit wider, so all five fingers can cure at the same time. Also, a softer and better beeping tone would have been better.

Hope my beautiful readers enjoyed my review and swatch of the Pink Gellac gel polish starter kit. If you want to purchase any of their products including their starter kit, they have a variety of colours to choose, and the price range is not too bad.

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