Step-by-Step 3D Gel Nail Roses using 4D Gels by Missu Beauty

Hey, Bellas, welcome to another blog post, today is all about this beautiful step-by-step 3D gel nail roses I created, using 4D Gels by Miss Beauty and some gel polishes. These are absolutely beautiful designs you can use for a date night or a special occasion. You might need a refresher on “what is a gel manicure” before you dive in, but it’s absolutely worth it! You can try fourth of july nails with this, so read up!

I was so lucky to have received some products from them to try out as I’ve seen such great reviews. This post, I will be going through with you step-by-step on how I did the background of these nails. I’ll provide various nails tips below!

1. Prep & base the nails

♥ So, before you get into any gel products, you need to remove the shine and oils off the nail. Otherwise, the product won’t adhere to the surface of the nails, use a buffer or a 240grit file to do this. Make sure you don’t leave any shiny patches because this will cause your product to lift.

♥ Cleanse the nails with a cleanser or alcohol.

♥ Apply a gel polish base coat of your choice on all the nails.

♥ Cure for 60secs under a LED Lamp.

2. Red Glitter Nails

For the red glitter, I used a black gel polish as my base colour.

♥ Apply one coat of black gel polish (you can use any brand, whatever product you feel comfortable using).

♥ Cure for 60secs.

♥ Apply a 2nd coat of black gel polish.

♥ Cure for 60secs.

♥ Apply a base coat (I applied a base coat because I found that glitter sticks better than the top coat).

♥ Cure for 30secs.

♥ With a buffing eyeshadow brush, pat the glitter on the entire surface of the whole nail.

♥ Cure for 30secs.

♥ Apply a glossy gel with a gel brush, (I prefer a gel brush, then the brush that comes with the gel bottle, because the glitter will stick on the brush and you have to put it back in the bottle, and the next time you use the gel top coat there’s glitter stuck on the brush).

♥ Cover the entire nail with gel. Double check you covered everything, look at different angles.

♥ Cure for 60secs.

♥ With a 240grit file, file the entire surface of the nail.

♥ Grab a buffer, and smooth out the entire surface of the nail, make sure no bumps or glitter sticking out.

♥ Cleanse the nail.

♥ Apply a top coat, I used Missu beauty glossy top coat, and wow! Look at that glossy finish.

♥ Cure for 60secs.

3. Red Gel Polish Nails

♥ Apply a Red gel polish to the entire nail.

♥ Cure for 60secs.

♥ Apply a 2nd coat of the red gel polish.

♥ Cure for 60secs.

♥ Apply Missu Beauty gel polish top coat.

♥ Cure for 60secs.

4. White and Black Chess Design

So, this part is a bit tricky, but if you use the right brush, it’s easy peasy to draw the lines, I recommend to use a long striping nail art brush.

♥ Apply a white gel polish.

♥ Cure for 60secs.

♥ Apply a second coat.

♥ Cure for 60secs.

♥ I first started with horizontal lines. I drew the first line in the middle, and did the rest, making sure there’s a bit of space between each line.

♥ Cure for 60secs.

♥ Next, I drew vertical lines; again I started in the middle and one line on the left and one line on the right.

♥ Cure for 60secs.

Filled in the empty blocks with the black gel polish.

♥ To not confuse myself, I started with the first line and coloured in the 2nd block and the 4th block.

♥ So, basically what you want to do is fill one block, blank, fill, blank.

♥ Finish with Missu Beauty top Coat.

♥ Cure for 60 Secs.

5. 3D Gel Nail Rose

This one might be a little complicated, but you can do it with a little bit of patience. You’ll want to make two roses using the 4D gel. You can do this by making four fan-shaped petals with a circle in the centre. 

♥ I start with the 4D gel. Get a medium-sized bead and put it on a finger. Roll the gel into a ball.

♥ Put the 3D gel on the nail only after you polish the nail using a buffer.

♥ Make the rose petal by pressing down with the brush and flattening it so that you make a fan shape.

♥ Put the petal under the lamp.

♥ Make another petal in the same way as above. Remember to dab the second petal a little further above the first one. 

♥ Make two more petals. Finish up with the last blob of gel in the middle and cure for 60 secs. You can make another rose using the same instructions.

♥ Apply the Missu Beauty glossy gel top coat on everywhere except your roses. Finally, cure for 60 secs.

♥ You’re done!

6. Silver Nail Beads

♥ To apply the beads, I first used a bit of gel and added in the corners of the petals.

♥ With an old brush, I picked the beads up and placed it where I applied the gel.

♥ Cured for 60secs.

7. Glossy top coat Missu Beauty

♥ I used Missu Beauty Glossy topcoat, and applied it to the negative spaces, avoiding touching the 3D Roses.

♥ Cure for 60secs.

I enjoyed creating this beautiful set, I was going for a chess game look, but my friend said it reminded her of the Spanish culture because of the red roses. I found a picture on Pinterest, with a set of nails of a chessboard with roses and I created something completely different. Haha, well, it’s okay I can’t copy.

So, this is my first time using the Missu Beauty products. I really enjoyed playing around with their 4D gels, and at the moment, I love their glossy top coat, totally recommend trying it out. It’s perfect if you want to go bold with wedding nails!

Check back with us for more nail topics where we tackle things like, “are manicures worth it,” “how to wear chrome nails,” and more!

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