Latest Wedding Trends for 2020

Every year wedding trends change. Sometimes they evolve, taking last year’s new idea to another level. Other times they do a complete turnaround. This year more so than others: with the specter of COVID-19 hanging over our heads, we’ve all had to readjust. Depending on where you are, you may not even be able to book a ballroom venue to hold your wedding. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still go ahead with the ceremony, only that you might have to be a little more creative about it. Many people have been, for example, holding their weddings over Zoom. And others have simply cut down on the number of guests at their wedding. Whatever you choose, don’t write off your wedding just yet. There are many ways in which you can still hold your wedding with all the dignity and glamor it deserves, some of which we’ll outline below.

This year, the wedding scene has taken a huge boost to creativity, perhaps partly because of the pandemic. We are seeing edgy, modern designs, mixed with vintage ideas for a whole new look.


This year the ballroom venue is at the top of the list. Whether it is a ballroom venue at home, or a ballroom at a destination wedding location, chic, glamorous, and beautiful is the trend. The dazzling chandeliers, elegant furniture, and exquisite architecture will make your wedding one to remember. The bride will feel like the center of attraction as she glides down the velveted carpet to make her vows. She’ll be the most glamorous woman there, especially if she elects for a wedding train.  If you’re looking for a more traditional venue, then the ballroom venue is one of your best choices.

Of course, there will always be weddings on the beach and other outdoor locations like vineyards and mountains. If you or your partner is a nature lover, you can combine your two loves together. You can hold your wedding at a sandy beach and make your vows with the waves lapping at your feet. Or you could head to a vineyard and enjoy the finest wine it has to offer. The most adventurous might even want to take a hike into the mountains and hold your wedding at a mountain lodge.

The wedding venue is an important choice for any couple. After all, it’s the place where you’ll pledge your life and love to your significant other. The memories you make here will last for a lifetime.

Bridal gowns

The royal wedding has been a big influence on the wedding industry. Experts at Azazie advise that princess gowns are trending right now as well as satin, body-hugging shifts. Mermaid gowns are being designed with an oversize flare at the hem of the gown. Azazie is the leading online shop for bridesmaids dresses. You will see bridesmaids in cooler tones. Metallic fabric is holding on, and you will see a lot of bridesmaids dressed in gold. Gold fabric with overlays of lace is in big demand for brides and bridesmaids. Bridal parties who are leaning toward the cocktail dress are wearing tea-length. If the bride wears tea-length, expect to see bridesmaids dresses to be a bit shorter.

Veils are either omitted or arranged with a tiara. Hair is worn free and natural. You will see a lot of cascading curls and the messy bun is back.

Nail fun

This year weddings are paying a lot of attention to nail art. While nails have always been important, never before has there been so many options. Beautiful nails can only help further accentuate your unique wedding ring. Choose celestial-themed nail art with star and moon-shaped details, go pink and floral for airy, whimsical nails, or go monochrome with black and white.

Look for these designs:

  • White nails with a splash of metallic gold
  • Nude nails with small crystals around the top of the nail
  • Black nails with gentle flowers and leaves
  • Pale pink with ring finger bling
    • Abstract designs
    • Floral or stripes
    • Glitter trim
    • Crystals
  • Nails are being worn longer and coffin shape is a popular choice


While you are seeing bridesmaids in edgy fashions, the reception dinner will be a step back in time. Vintage dinnerware and full place setting with deep greenery and cool flower tones grace the tables. Place settings are handwritten and displayed on the tables. Crystal chandeliers and candle holders are used for indoor venues. Outdoor venues will decorate the invisible ceilings with drapes of white twinkle lights. Lovers of tradition will enjoy the vintage style and classy decor.


Bouquets are featuring more greenery, but it is toned down a lot from last year. Minimalist styles are trending, and less is more. The bouquets are easier to handle. Instead of traditional roses, brides are looking at Lily of the Valleys, or single flower blooms. A second trend is a single type of flower instead of a mixture of flowers. The flowers may also be somewhat toned down in terms of color scheme and tone. The neutral colors will provide a chic and classy atmosphere for any wedding.

Centerpiece flowers are a must-have if the wedding is at a ballroom. Be sure to keep them low-key as you want to leave a little space for your guests.

Wedding Photographer

Lastly, the most important part of your big day is to have a professional wedding photographer to capture the most precious moment of your life. You don’t want to cut on costs and hire the lowest bidder. Instead, look for someone with a good portfolio and look at the weddings they have captured. Is their photography style to your liking? If not, then look for the next offer. 

Brides have plenty to look forward to this year, despite the situation. This is the year for classic beauty and creativity, especially with what’s happening across the world. Understated and chic wedding arrangements will be everywhere you look. So, let your wedding shine. 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, but don’t let it get you down. There is little doubt that this year will be a year that experts will refer back to for some time to come.

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