Easy Tips for Glowing Skin


Glowing, radiant skin is one of the most coveted things in this world. Glowing skin often indicates that the skin is healthy, well-hydrated, and functioning well. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the skin will look amazing and beautiful. We all dream of having that smooth, bouncy, elastic texture to the skin that also reflects light. However, getting glowing skin is not the easiest thing to do. Our skin is exposed to tons of environmental irritants and is also super susceptible to our inner state of health or lifestyle impacts.

The ideal glowing, radiant skin usually means that the skin has even texture and tone. It is also super well-moisturized and sufficiently hydrated. To add to all those, it is also blemish-free, thus knowing how to remove blackheads and other impurities is part of a glowing skin regimen. There are many reasons that our skin does not have a bright appearance and instead takes on a dull look. An accumulation of dead skin cells on top of the skin surface is a pretty common reason. Our skin sheds millions of cells every day, and although the skin has an inbuilt natural process to remove these skin cells, often this process isn’t fast enough to remove every single cell. When the rate of removal is slower than the rate of shedding, this will lead to a layer of accumulated dead skin cells on the top of your skin.

Hydration and moisture are synonymous with glowing, radiant skin, so naturally, if your skin is dehydrated you can’t expect to have fresh and glowing skin! When the lower layers of the skin like the dermis and under layers of the epidermis do not have enough water in the cells, the skin gets thinner. Furthermore, the skin is well-hydrated, the skin cells will swell and plump up with water which creates a “glass-skin” effect as light can reflect off these plump skin cells very nicely. Furthermore, moisturized skin means that the skin is soft, plump, and smooth which creates a bouncy and elastic appearance as opposed to dull, sallow, and dry skin which does not have the same light-reflective ability.

Lastly, hyperpigmentation on the face can cause the light to reflect off the skin differently, and hence, we won’t have as luminous an appearance. Ensuring that your skin has all these three elements are how you will get your skin into a gorgeous, glowing state!

Here are some super easy glow-skin tips that you can to achieve your dream flawless and healthy skin.

Easy Tips To Get Glowing Skin

Use sun protection every day to prevent skin aging regardless if you have oily skin or dry skin

Somehow, it just doesn’t seem to click that we need to wear sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun. The damage that the sun does to our skin is unparalleled due to the extremely harmful UV rays.

There are 2 types of UV rays — the UVA rays which cause aging and the UVB rays which cause burning. The sun’s rays contain free radicals that can form on the skin and cause damage to the skin barrier and break down collagen, the essential protein needed for our skin’s support. Collagen loss results in a loss of the firmness and elasticity of our skin, and hence causes sagging and wrinkling. Furthermore, the melanocytes, or melanin-producing cells, produce more pigment in response to the UV rays, resulting in the overproduction of melanin and hence dark spots on our skin.

Getting sunburn also causes damage to the skin cells by damaging the protective barrier, leaving our skin exposed to irritants and overly sensitive. Wearing a korean sunscreen for face is one of those simple things that can have a big effect in the long term.

Exfoliate your skin regularly for smoother skin texture

Regular exfoliation is the best way to slough off dead skin cells. Using a gentle exfoliator once to twice a week depending on how sensitive your skin is will be a good way to get rid of the excess dead skin cells. You may use physical exfoliators such as grainy scrubs or chemical peel solutions that contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids which can help to dissolve the layers of dead skin cells. You need to get rid of this accumulated build-up of dead cells for the light to reflect against your skin and keep your skin soft.

Get eight hours of beauty sleep each night to improve skin health

Sleep is so crucial for the body to rest and recover. Getting in a deep sleep at night is also what allows our skin cells to repair themselves and recover. Not getting enough rest can result in dark eye circles forming as well as the dreaded under-eye bags and even acne! That said, sleep deprivation is exactly what your acne is telling you, among other things. It is sometimes what causes chin acne.

Life is super stressful and we have lots of work and stress to deal with but do make sure that you are getting your eight hours of rest each night. You will probably have to change some of your habits, such as choosing to switch off your phone at least 30 minutes before bedtime, or not binge-watching another episode of Netflix. Reducing your caffeine intake late in the day will also be good, so try to get the cup of coffee in during the earlier hours so that your body can unwind by 10 pm. Trust us, once you start getting a good night’s rest regularly, you’ll immediately notice a healthy glow on your face.

Pay attention to the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in your diet to keep your skin cells healthy

Antioxidants are usually a key ingredient in skincare products. They are super important in combating the free radicals which damage our skin. Plus, if you notice that your hair is falling out, antioxidants can help to some degree. Free radicals can be found all around us, and they are unstable compounds that steal electrons from other molecules in order to become stable. When they come into contact with the skin, they steal electrons from the skin cells and cause damage to the skin cells. This process is known as oxidative stress. Antioxidants work by neutralizing the free radicals by providing electrons to them.

Antioxidants and vitamins like vitamin C can be found in lots of fruits and vegetables such as oranges, carrots, kale, spinach, and strawberries. So start adding these excellent foods into your diet! Other things you can add to your diet are healthy bacteria like probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that can aid in digestion and in removing toxins from the body. You can find probiotics in kimchi, yogurt, and sauerkraut. You can incorporate probiotics into your diet by having yogurt at breakfast and a side of kimchi or sauerkraut at dinner.

You can check more glowing skin medically reviewed tips in this article.


These easy tips will target the skin concerns that are preventing you from achieving naturally glowing skin! Another super important tip is to always drink enough water to ensure human skin hydration! Remember skin starts from the inside out, so paying more attention to your diet and lifestyle will make a significant change that topical products can’t.

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