Homemade Masks for Oily Skin


Having oily skin is probably one of the most frustrating skin types to deal with. No matter what we do, the oil just seems to keep building up. As we go through our day, we start to feel that film of oil and grease over the skin. Makeup begins to slide around and the pores feel all clogged and heavy. And that’s not even the most frustrating part! As oil and grease build up on the skin, you start to worry about another problem — acne. There’s no doubt that acne has a much higher chance of occurring when there is extra sebum on the skin surface, as it will start to fill and clog up the pores and hair follicles. 

The medical name for oily skin is seborrhea, which comes from the word sebum which is basically the oil produced in the skin. Oily skin can be caused by a variety of factors. It is very much genetic, so if your parents have oily skin you probably will have it too! Furthermore, oil production is caused by hormones known as androgens, which is why teenagers tend to have acne breakouts as their hormones are developing at this age. Women might experience extra oil during menstruation as well as testosterone levels rise, causing increased oil production. It can also be caused by wearing makeup that is too greasy and oily. Therefore there are many potential reasons why your skin is oily! 


But you don’t need fancy, expensive products to keep the oil at bay! In fact, there are much cheaper, homemade alternatives to do so, and these may well be more effective and better for the skin since it requires all-natural ingredients. Face masking is one of the best ways to tackle oily skin, as it helps to draw out impurities that may lie deep inside the pores. Here, we’ll take you through some of the best DIY face masks if you are a person with oily skin!

Brown Sugar Honey Mask

Yum, this one sounds like a delicious dessert. While sugar might sound like a disaster for your skin, it’s actually super beneficial when applied topically! Sugar is a wonderful natural exfoliant as the grains will help to slough off the excess layers of oil and dead skin cells on top of the skin. Meanwhile, honey has long been revered as a beauty treatment for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It is commonly used to brighten the skin, but it can also be very helpful for combating acne-prone and excessively oily skin. Honey is a natural humectant, which is a type of moisturizer. Humectants pull in moisture from deep within the skin but do not add excess moisture that can lead to increased oiliness. It will also help to soak up the oil on your face. To make a brown sugar honey mask, combine two tablespoons of raw, natural honey with two tablespoons of raw brown sugar. Mix it up and massage it into your face. Leave it on for about ten minutes and remove with some warm water and a soft washcloth. Your skin will look much brighter as well as less oily!

Honey Orange Yogurt Mask

Honey is back to save the day! Another yummy-sounding mask, this one draws on the power of citrus and yogurt to soothe, fight free radicals, and brighten the complexion. Oranges are powerful fruits that are full of wonderful antioxidants like Vitamin C which is super crucial for fighting the UV rays and free radicals in the sun that damage our skin. Vitamin C serums are really expensive, so why not use a natural, cheaper source like oranges directly. Vitamin C has the additional benefit of anti-aging as it helps to stimulate collagen production, diminishing the look of fine lines. The citric acid in orange also helps to balance the pH of the skin, and the soothing yogurt in this mask will ensure the acid isn’t too strong for the skin. Simply peel half an orange and mash it up into a pulp, then add a tablespoon of natural yogurt and a tablespoon of honey. Mix it all up till homogenous and spread a layer of this goopy goodness all over your face. Leave it on for about fifteen minutes then wash it off with some warm water. Your skin will feel smooth, refreshed, and free of shine or grease.

Banana Honey Mask

We just can’t get enough of honey, can we? Well, it’s time to stock up on some if you’re going to be trying all these masks! Not only are bananas a super delicious fruit that gives us a burst of energy, but they’re also wonderful for the skin. Bananas can be a very gentle exfoliant, so if you’re someone with more sensitive skin and don’t want to risk using the grainy sugar that might aggravate, try this banana mask instead! Ripe bananas are the best for this, so wait a few days for the banana to develop its brown spots before you peel it and mash it up! Bananas can help to remove the excess dirt and grime from deep within the skin, and when combined with the potent antibacterial honey, it will not only impart lots of natural moisture without adding oiliness but also draw out impurities! Just mash up a ripe banana, you can even freeze it first for a nice cooling and tightening effect, and add a tablespoon of natural honey. Mix this sticky, delicious-looking mess up then spread a thin layer over your face. Leave it on for ten minutes before washing it off with some warm water.

Egg White + Cucumber + Mint

Perhaps the least appetizing mask, but that doesn’t make it any less effective! Egg whites are a super potent ingredient for your skin as it has proteins and enzymes that can help to kill bacteria and eliminate oil. Mint is excellent for locking in moisture while also tightening the pores. Meanwhile, cucumber is super soothing and full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties with vitamin C and folic acid to soothe and calm the skin down. This super potent mix of ingredients will leave you feeling like you had a luxurious spa! Just whip up an egg white, mash up some cucumber and mint and mix it all up. Apply a thin layer to your face, you can even add cucumber slices to your eye for extra effect, then let it sit for fifteen minutes before washing it off with a warm cloth.


Try these fun and natural masks out and you’ll definitely see an improvement in your skin. Natural remedies are not only cheap but also better for the skin!

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