Say Goodbye To Stress Acne

Say Goodbye To Stress Acne

How To Get Rid Of Stress Acne

Ever felt overwhelmed? Too many things to handle at one go or do you have a presentation due the following day? 

Having to juggle with many different things such as work, lifestyle, friends, and friends is not at all easy. Not to mention, the amount of stress they bring?!

But what is that you see? Pimples? Can life get any more miserable?

Fret not, the pimples that you see popping up on your face could be a mere indication that you are under a lot of stress at that point in time. If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone in this battle against pimples, many people out there also suffer from breakouts whenever they feel overwhelmed. As such, this type of breakout – stress acne – can easily be reduced!

How then should you manage these breakouts? Let us share with you a few tips!

Treatments For Stress Acne

When it comes to stress acne, the simplest way to solve it would be to run down to the nearest drugstore and get yourself some over-the-counter topical spot treatments. You are encouraged to pick out salicylic acid or topical benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients are great and can be applied straight onto the face and does not dry out or cause any form of irritation to your face. 

In the event that you have a stress cyst that causes you pain, it is recommended to use either a cold or warm compress and place it over the area to help ease the pain and reduce the redness.

 If you are someone who doesn’t like spending much on skincare products, take note! 

Ice itself is also a good method to help with stress acne. You could even make ice cubes from green tea as the ingredients in green tea have been shown to help reduce the production of sebum. 

One other solution would be to get yourself some alpha-hydroxy acid solution or placing a hydrocolloid patch on tough spots.

If you are experiencing very serious stress acne, you are highly encouraged to seek treatment from a professional dermatologist. This is especially so if you tend to have acne breakouts on a regular basis. Don’t be afraid to meet with the doctors! The earlier you have your consultation with the dermatologist, the faster they can provide you with the proper treatment to prevent or reduce acne scarring. Unlike the medications or skincare products you find at the drugstores, Dermatologists are also able to prescribe you very specific medication that can help you control and regulate your hormones. There are a few treatments that your dermatologist might suggest to you if stress acne is something that you suffer from:

  • Hormonal antibiotics
  • Oral retinoids and antibiotics
  • Topical retinoids and antibiotics

Question is, why do we suffer from stress acne?

Well, when you are overwhelmed, or stressed, your skin activates its “defense mode” the minute it detects any signs of stress. This is because your body begins to release hormones – the very hormones that instigate your ‘fight or flight’ instincts. 

When this happens your oil glands are triggered and result in skin conditions such as acne. Although stress is not a direct contributor to acne, it can, sadly, exacerbate it. If you are someone who easily breaks out, stress might cause your acne to become even worse. Acne itself is an inflammatory condition and it can be made worse when hormones are released when a person feels stressed. This leads to even more inflammation.

Here are some skincare tips for repeated stress acne:

  1. Use a pH balanced cleaner and moisturizer that does not clog up your pores.
  2. Use gentler serums with Vitamin C in these once you have finished cleaning your face. But do use these serums before you moisturize. In doing so, your acne and other skin problems can be reduced.
  3. Always stay hydrated. 
  4. Try switching your diet to one that is low in glycemic. This means consuming food that takes longer to break down into sugar in your bloodstream. This diet can be very beneficial too!

How to reduce stress

Thinking about it, stress is here to stay and will always come back once in a while to haunt you. It’s normal. However, what you can do is reduce the amount of stress you feel. 

Stress is definitely not at all good for the body or the soul. In order to try and reduce the amount of the stress you feel, you could (if you have the means) partake in a full relaxing day in a spa. Self-care is necessary and should be done every once in a while.

You could also partake in meditation, yoga, any form of exercise, or even a walk. Have a talk with your friends or a therapist if need be. It is good to acknowledge and be aware that you are stressed and learn how to deal with your stressors. 

All in all, stress acne is not something that you can get rid of overnight. In fact, it might be here with you in the long run. That is why you should learn how to deal and cope with the stress to help reduce your chances of having stress acne or making it worse. Even if you do have stress acne, have no fear! Just head down to the nearest drugstore to get yourself some simple over the counter medications to help soothe your acne. If it becomes too stubborn and refuses to leave, or becomes even more inflamed, it will be a good idea to seek professional advice to help you ease out your stress acne.


When it comes to being stressed, take the time to sit back and have a breather. To remind yourself that all is well and that you can get through it. Meditate for about ten to fifteen minutes every night and ensure that you too get enough sleep to get you through the day. You reduce the effects of stress acne when you manage your stress levels well. With that being said, all the best and start relaxing today!

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