10 Things You Should Ask Your Wedding Destination Planner

Are you planning to tie the knot this year? Everyone has dreamt of being married to the man or woman of their dreams since they were a kid. It is indeed a wonderful experience that will make you smile when you reminisce.

One thing that excites and potentially overwhelms soon-to-be-weds is planning for their wedding. This includes a series of coordinating prenup photoshoot ideas, latest trends on bridal gowns, perfect wedding theme, and choosing a picturesque venue where you could best capture your wedding moments. The latter, typically, is what every couple should carefully decide to since it is where you are putting most of your money to be able to live out your dream wedding.

For sure you’ve got a long list of wedding locations where you prefer to hold this once-in-a-lifetime event. This list of preference surely varies for every couple. But one thing that undoubtedly applies to all soon-to-be-weds is that deciding on the perfect location must not be made in a rush. If you wanted to make your wedding a success, you cannot rush into booking or doing any reservations. Most certainly, you cannot make any deposits yet. Picking the perfect venue considerably takes time and both of you must have tons of patience. This is definitely one of the hardest things to do throughout the wedding planning and every couple must need to ready themselves as well as their pockets.

Of course, the very first thing you will have to do is to engage yourselves in lots of research. This is the initial step in every wedding planning. Once you have finally decided on the theme you want, then it will be easier for you to look for the perfect wedding venue. You can go and check out wedding blogs where you could steal amazing inspirations on wedding destination pick or grab some wedding magazines at a newsstand. Top wedding photographers also got incredible Instagram feeds that give you a glimpse of astounding wedding locations you can add on your list. All these can flood you with excitement that you unconsciously listed down prospects more than you actually need. But once you have finally managed to filter it down and select the final sites you plan to visit, then the process will be less complicated. To guide you on choosing the best wedding location you should book, here are a few things you can ask the wedding venue planner as you do the tour.

1. Seating Capacity

You won’t like half of your guests seated while half are standing throughout the wedding ceremony, would you? That is surely embarrassing. Although some wedding venues say they can fully accommodate a specified number, it is important to know how many of these guests will have seats on the day of the event. The number of seating capacity the venue has is one thing you shouldn’t forget to ask on your visit.

2. Is A Kitchen Area Available?

Make sure your caterers have a designated place where they can prepare the food to be served for the guests. In some cases, if you are just booking a certain part of the resort and not the entire resort, say just either the ballroom or pavilion,  ask the inclusions. If they say they can let you use the catering kitchen for free, then that would be totally fine. But if you will have to pay for an additional charge, you should know it beforehand.

3. Is There An Appropriate Number Of Bathrooms For Your Guests?

You sure used to be a guest at the wedding of a friend or relative and you know how it feels to when you have to use a bathroom but only finds one where you have to line up along with some other. You wouldn’t want your guests to experience the same thing so it helps to check the number of bathrooms in your preferred venue. However, if you are doing a backyard wedding, and the comfort room isn’t prettily accessible from the area, you can choose to hire a port-o-potty service. It is always safe to know ahead.

4. Is Your Preferred Venue Private?

You won’t like some strangers in sight at your wedding. No one wants to, for certain. Ask the wedding venue whether the package they offer provides you with exclusive use of the resort.

5. Does All Your Suppliers Have What They Need?

Apart from the venue rental, ask what other services they could provide you with. If you are planning a beach wedding, you sure would have to hire a pool of vendors. But this won’t be too much of a hassle if you can get to rent out other supplies from the venue itself.

6. Can All Your Guests Fit In The Rooms You Rented?

If you’ve got an extensive list of guests, know how many rooms you will need and inquire on the venue on the number of rooms they can provide you with. You may look into a wedding destination in Montego Bay which could give you a superb wedding experience with enough number of rooms to accommodate your pool of guests. The stunning ocean view is just a perfect scene for your dream beach wedding. Surrounded by pristine beaches, Montego Bay, Jamaica showcases a lovely mix of local and international culture and cuisine.

7. Lights and Sound System

In case you are going on for an indoor wedding, it’s important to know whether the venue has got uplights. If they don’t, then you can look cheap packages on lights and sound system rentals.

8. Weather Back-Up Plan

An outdoor wedding is simply ideal. But this could turn out worse if the weather isn’t as much cooperating. In an instance that you are planning a beach wedding, make sure the venue got a back-up plan just in case the weather went bad.

9. Parking

Know whether they can provide you with a parking lot and ask whether it’s part of the package you plan to book. If they incur additional charges, it pays to know it in advance.

10. Ask about the set up of tables/cocktail bar/DJ

Every couple wants their wedding to be as organised as possible. You can ask the wedding venue how they are going to set up everything at your wedding from tables and chairs, cocktail bar, and etc. This allows you to envision the layout and if you don’t like it, then you can suggest to them how you prefer it to be set up.

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